WHC – The ghosts I called!

… Donald Trump will probably think so in the last weeks. His campaign manager is being arrested for the so-called “Russian scandal” and it remains to be seen if Trump’s campaign was financed with Russian money. In general, Trump has implemented little or nothing of his election campaign slogans, with his immigration policy he keeps pushing the boundaries of the Supreme Court, Obamacare remains in force, and little indicates that this will change and he is stuck with his highly acclaimed tax reform in the dead end. Had the markets reacted negatively to the latest news before the summer, they now appear as if they would not even affect everything peripherally. Apparently, the partially joking seeming events in the White House are no longer interesting and market relevant. Economic data remains stable and well, unemployment continues to decline and citizens’ confidence in the economy is high. As announced recently, the FED will raise interest rates in December, this rate hike has already been priced in and with today’s 6 strongest months on the stock market. According to statistics, between November and April, markets spend more than 70% of their annual profits, which suggests investing right now. The quarterly results of the companies are consistently above expectations an interesting number comes tomorrow – Apple released the annual result tomorrow and many are looking at the most valuable company in the world. As mentioned, the markets are stable and show all-time highs again, the Dow Jones stands at 23377 points, the wider S&P500 at 2575 and the technologically annoying Nasdaq Composite at 6727 points.

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