WHC – The stock market and the quarterly results!

Throughout the quarterly results of the companies are good and above expectations, but the outlook given by the companies often does not meet the requirements of Wall Street. As a result, we are seeing strong volatility on the US stock exchanges, which is compounded by rising interest rates on government bonds. Many fearful investors move from the stock market into, if one believes, more stable bond markets. All the turmoil about Facebook and stolen user data, as well as the allegations against Amazon also do not really boost the confidence of market participants, and as if that was not enough, there is still a president Trump who often speaks and tweets faster than he thinks. He usually has to row back or send in a 6-hour attack on Syria, which raises more questions and stirs up conflict than it resolves.

Looking at the US economy as a whole, the fundamentals are excellent, of course, the curve will gradually flatten, but the trend continues to point higher, though it also makes punitive tariffs and other trade barriers harder and not easier for the US, and last but not least it falls back on the consumer, but especially in America provides for over 85% of GDP. Again, we can only align Mr. Trump – think before, then act !!!