WHC – What an Olympiad can do!

Three months ago, verbal atrocities flew from Washington to Pyongyang and vice versa, but at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, there was already a rapprochement between North and South Korea and now we may have a summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong. It would certainly be a step in the right direction for the world if the two conflicting parties could approach each other. But as soon as there is light at the end of the tunnel, Trump will certainly find a switch to turn it off, as now with his punitive tariffs. Again, a populist action without thinking about the consequences for their own country, a number of companies in the US have with their suppliers long-term contracts that are not easy terminable, these companies must now take the extra effort for the punitive tariffs and of course they promptly to the consumer. The then remains less in your pocket and thus the economy is weakened, but as far as Trump has not thought, as always in his projects. The self-proclaimed billionaire has just 3 houses in New York and about 250-400 million dollars, he is not poor but not Bill Gates. The neat houses with his name on it are all fake, he just sold the license in his name. His last big real project was a casino in Atlantic City called Taj Mahal which he fell terribly on account of incompetence and went bankrupt, the injection of $ 100 million¬†from his father’s cannot help in this case.

But the American people recognize more and more which whiskers they have made President here and even the Midterm elections in the fall will show that the Americans do not agree with the current policy, never had a president over 130 pending lawsuits and what in the case of the Russian affair everything will come to light, will also show up. The chance of a second term for Donald Trump as president is currently nearing zero, we can only hope that Trump in the next 2.5 years took the US not further to the sideline.

Markets continue to show stable upward trends, market participants have probably resigned to Washington and focus more on economic data, which continues to look bright, more than 200,000 new jobs created last month, and the unemployment rate continues to decline as GDP is above expectations and the US economy continues to strengthen.