WHC – Again strong discounts!

After further continuing weakness of the Asian region and primarily from China, the worldwide markets massively down today. The investors see it as a slowdown in global growth. The Dow Jones loses at the opening around 1,000 points, some of it can catch the index during the day again, still remains at the end of the day, a significant discount. The Dow is under 16,000, the S & P500 under 1900 points. The US dollar is according to all currencies. Dow 15873,22 (-586,53), Nasdaq 4526,25 (-179,79), S&P500 1893,24 (-77,65)

Daily charts: 2015-08-24-charts.png

WHC – Strong reductions due to global economic weakness!

Accordingly, at the time of the global growth phase something is the air outside, feared investors a flattening of the growth curve and secure their profits, it follows that the correct markets. In most cases the correction is approximately 10% from the peak price of indices, these 10% are nearly achieved a speedy turnaround seems foreseeable. After a rally of almost 2 years, a correction is only logical, the S & P500 falls below 2000 points, the Nasdaq Composite below 5,000 points. Dow 16459,75 (-530,94), Nasdaq 4706,04 (-171,45), S&P500 1970,89 (-64,84)

Daily charts: 2015-08-21-charts.png

WHC – China pressed a little!

After bad data from the real estate price index in China, the markets started with minus in the trading day. Even in the United States remained the building permits with 1.12 million below expectations for more buildings were started (1.21 million). The markets were on the trading day, the losses not compensated, although in narrow bandwidths, the markets were quite volatile, they closed in the red. Dow 17511,48 (-33,70), Nasdaq 5059,35 (-32,35), S&P500 2096,88 (-5.56)

Daily charts: 2015-08-18-charts.png

WHC – Rebound of the markets!

The markets in the United States started today with strong discounts, the Dow Jones had lost over 250 points. The reason for this can be seen in the losses of the yuan against the US dollar, investors think what can be seen as a slowdown in the global economy. From midday, the markets picked up, however, and could make all the losses of the day away and close in positive territory, decisive was that the Energy values showed strong growth. Dow 17402,51 (-0,33), Nasdaq 5044,39 (+7,60), S&P500 2086,05 (+1,98)

Daily charts: 2015-08-12-charts.png

WHC – Markets deep in green!

The markets started strongly in the week after the deal for the third aid package for Greece is signed and sealed. The EU peaks loosened a little the austerity package, therefore, the Greek economy is still not recovered. The FED tips Fisher and Lockhart, see the US Wirtcshaft continue on a good foundation and the labor market continues to recover steadily. Dow 17615,17 (+241,79), Nasdaq 5101,80 (+58,25), S&P500 2104,18 (+26,61)

Daily charts: 2015-08-10-charts.png