WHC – Strong growth after better industrial production!

Industrial production as well as the capacity utilization in the U.S. was better than expected, and the NY Empire State Manufacturing Index was up again slightly on the previous month. Despite the referendum in the Crimea regarding the connection to Russia and the Yes to connect, all Western governments have expressed negative and do not recognize the referendum, how the situation will develop is still unclear. Today, the markets rallied strongly. Dow 16247.22 (+181.55) Nasdaq 4279.94 (+34.55) S & P 500 1858.83 (+17.70)

Daily charts: 2014-03-17-charts.png

WHC – Markets end week in the red!

According to worse-than-expected consumer confidence and producer price index, the markets are showing again today in the red. Overall, the week is at a discount to the end, the modest economic data from China and the crisis in Ukraine were the main reason. In the Crimea, the situation to a war between Ukraine and Russia sharpened is not unlikely. Dow 16066.57 (-42.32) NASDAQ 4245.39 (-15.02), S & P500 1841.15 (-5.19)

Daily charts: 2014-03-14-charts.png

WHC – Strong reductions in the stock markets!

In spite of better retail sales and less than expected initial jobless claims in the U.S., the markets are showing strong reductions. In addition, China remains in economic data below expectations today with industrial production and retail sales, which is the first point of presses on the market, the second is the further deterioration of the situation in Ukraine. Russia is ready to invade and beschisst a reconnaissance aircraft. Dow 16109.30 (-230.78) Nasdaq 4260.42 (-62.91), S & P500 1846.36 (-21.84)

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WHC – Markets different!

Furthermore, you will find plenty on the stock exchanges a certain uneasiness concerning the development of the world economy and the further development of the crisis in Ukraine. Both of them currently holds the investors from going into greater dimensions in the market, so the markets closed little changed today. Dow 16340.08 (-11.17) NASDAQ 4323.33 (+16.14) S & P 500 1868.20 (+0.57)

Daily charts: 2014-03-12-charts.png

WHC – Markets at a discount after volatile trading!

After a volatile trading day the markets close at a discount. Furthermore, the investors are a bit confused by the rather modest economic data from China, a slowdown of the world economy stands around the room and also the crisis in Ukraine promotes not necessarily the confidence of market participants. As the crisis in Ukraine will affect Europe, is currently also incalculable. Dow 16351.25 (-67.43) NASDAQ 4307.18 (-27.26), S & P500 1867.63 (-9.54)

Daily charts: 2014-03-11-charts.png

WHC – Slight reductions beginning of the week!

After China is weakening slightly and thus the fear is there that the world economy could lose momentum, investors remained cautious today. The markets verzwichen slight reductions. Furthermore, the Damocles sword still revolves Ukraine on us, a war with Russia or the bankruptcy of the Ukraine could unforeseen consequences for Europe and the EU. Dow 16418.68 (-34.04) NASDAQ 4334.45 (-1.77), S & P500 1877.17 (-0.87)

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