WHC – On the last day of the month plus!

Although the Chicago purchasing managers’ index was somewhat lower than expected joined the markets today with strong impacts. The investors are feeling positive that the first quarter of 2014 which ended today, again as positive as their was the last quarters, the signs are good for this, as can be seen also on the monetary policy of the FED. The first meaningful numbers we expect on 8 April from Alcoa. Dow 16457,79 (+134,73), Nasdaq 4198,99 (+43,24), S&P500 1872,36 (+14,74)

Daily charts: 2014-03-31-charts.png

WHC – Easy haircuts for week ending!

Another turbulent week comes to an end, which are Crimean crisis, the FOMC statement also this week been committed steps forward. How do the decisions will affect the next few weeks and months will show us further, we should continue to keep an eye on the economy of financial management in China, the large steam seems to be outside. Dow 16300,39 (-30,92), Nasdaq 4276,78 (-42,50), S&P500 1866,41 (-5,60)

Daily charts: 2014-03-21-charts.png

WHC – Again Plus after good economic data!

Economic data published today in the U.S. were consistently better than expected. There were fewer jobless claims than expected and the Philly Fed manufacturing index was far better than the forecast. Also, there is news from Russia, President Putin announced that after recent sanctions by the U.S. government against Russia, 5 senior U.S. politicians have visa ban to Russia, including John Bohner and John McCain. The markets closed to me Plus. Dow 16330,99 (+108,82), Nasdaq 4319,28 (+11,68), S&P500 1872,01 (+11,24)

Daily charts: 2014-03-20-charts.png

WHC – Markets in negative territory after FOMC statement!

The Fed announced today known Bond Buying program to further reduce the 10 billion monthly to 55 billion that suggests that the Fed assumes a further stabilization of the economy. The farther said the Fed chief Janet Yellen that a rise in interest rates six months after the end of quantitiven easing is plausible. In Ukraine, the signs are again more on war than it was yesterday, the Russians have the Crimean peninsula completely annexed and mined the access road from the Ukraine, the Ukrainian government, meanwhile, has withdrawn its troops from the peninsula, but put the military on full alert. Ukraine does not want to leave without a fight the Russians, the Crimea. The markets today show negative numbers. Dow 16222,43 (-113,96), Nasdaq 4307,60 (-25,71), S&P500 1860,78 (-11,47)

Daily charts: 2014-03-19-charts.png

WHC – Strong growth after Putin statement!

The consumer price index in the U.S. was in line with expectations, the housing starts were slightly below expectations. But the mood on the floor was now determined primarily by the statement of Russian President Putin, who announced after the positive referendum for Russia to Crimea, that he does not intend to annex other areas of Unkraine. Despite this statement, the Western countries Putin continue to show that they do not recognize this referendum. Dow 16336.19 (+88.97) Nasdaq 4333.31 (+53.36) S & P 500 1872.25 (+13.42)

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