WHC – With a small increase out of the trade!

After a volatile trading, the markets close with a small plus. The S & P Case-Shiller index for house prices was slightly lower than expected as well as the CB consumer confidence. The pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and Merck were able to exceed expectations with its quarterly results.  Dow 15523,27 (+1,30), Nasdaq 3616,46 (+17,32), S&P500 1685,97 (+0,64)

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WHC – Markets with a minus in the week!

After a rather uneventful day in the area of ​​economic data, markets were able to catch up the initial losses but still closed in negative territory. This week, still a lot to come to the markets, the Fed meeting, the unemployment numbers and of course another quarter results. Dow 15523,04 (-35,79), Nasdaq 3599,14 (-14,02), S&P500 1685,40 (-6,25)

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WHC – Little supplements for good quarterly numbers!

The initial jobless claims were indeed higher than but expects the orders of durable goods loaded faster than predicted, further published positive quarterly numbers from GM, Visa, Dow Chemical, Harley Davidson and International Paper, which the markets drove overall in the Plus. It could also be had from yesterday’s Facebook numbers, the stock rose by more than 27%. After the close Amazon and Starbucks published. Amazon was below expectations, Starbucks could exceed expectations. Dow 15555.61 (+13.37) Nasdaq 3605.18 (+25.59) S & P 500 1690.25 (+4.31)

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WHC – Discounts to Detroit bankruptcy!

After today it was announced that Detroit is a bankruptcy under Chapter 9 and in this respect also seeks applications were submitted shares from the market a little. Since helped no better-than-expected housing sales and some good quarterly results. Boeing, Delta Airlines and Ford were able to convince with their numbers, Caterpillar fell short of expectations. After consistently good trading days, the markets take a breath a little today. After Hours has Qualcom, and Facebook published, Qualcom met the expectations, Facebook could exceed expectations. Dow 15542.17 (-25.57) Nasdaq 3579.60 (+0.33) S & P 500 1685.95 (-6.44)

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WHC Markets close differently!

After a worse-than-expected house price index, the different markets close today, although the quarterly figures published by DuPont, Travelers, United Technologies, and UPS were consistently better than expected. AT & T as well as Apple released after trading hours, AT & T was slightly below expectations, however, Apple exceeded expectations. Dow 15567.74 (+22.19) Nasdaq 3579.27 (-21.11), S & P 500 1692.39 (-3.14)

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WHC – With a slight increase in the week!

After less than expected sales of existing homes and quarterly results of different companies today include the markets with a slight increase. McDonald’s published figures were worse than expected, the numbers of Halliburton were slightly better than expectations. By the way, Kate has brought a healthy son, the House of Windsor is very happy. Netflix released the figures after trading hours and was better than expected. Dow 15545.62 (+1.88) Nasdaq 3600.38 (12.77), S & P 500 1695.51 (+3.42)

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WHC – Another day with green numbers!

By positive numbers to the labor market, the number of initial jobless claims fell, and a better Philly Fed manufacturing index, the markets continued to grow. Further buoyed the markets of good quarterly results from Morgan Stanley, Verizon, and UnitedHealth. After Hours Microsoft and Google released their numbers. Such as Google and Microsoft were worse than expected. Dow 15548,92 (+78,40), Nasdaq 3611,27 (+1,28), S&P500 1689,38 (+8,47)

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